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the thermometer is attached to the booth where by the person stands at 10cm distance parallel to the thermometer. The thermometer is able to alert the officer at hand once the temperatures are high.


Automated hand sanitizer

a single tap under a motion sensing sanitizer dispenser one is able to sanitize thy self


360 sanitizing tunnel

The disinfectant booth has got motion sensors and mist nozzles which disinfects the whole body with low consumption of liquid sanitizers per spray.

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To be the leader at what we do.

Through progressive development and continued movement we are to revolutionalise the continent

Our staffs are highly trained in usage of modern external and internal cleaning equipment and detergent and this is through continuous training especially on job training. Our dedicated team of professional staff is responsive to the needs of our clients and provides prompt and quality services. They work with a goal of total customer satisfaction

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Software Development

For over 5 year this has been Our Stronghold and We've have created some awesome work and projects with out multitude of clients across the East African Region


Disinfectant Booths(Sanitization Booth)

The disinfectant booth is a walk-in booth that is fully automated from the point of entry to exit, the booth is fitted with deferent type of sensors i.e. motions and infrared sensors. Our goal through this is to achieve seamless and ease movement of people with in premises or institutions as it requires a max of 15 seconds to operate on an individual.


Internet Services

As internet being one of our cores of business, we boosted our capabilities by getting in workmanship with Liquid Teleco and Simber Fibre to be able to offer fast and reliable internet to Our Clients



This a new area to Our country and few of Us are doing this, But regardless most of our work here is through research and development, testing the ability of Robotics in our society


ICT Consults

Due to Our experience we've managed to help and direct Our Clients to make right decisions concerning making choices wether or to acquir technology equipment or monitor Software and advise


Research and Developments

We are also carrying out alot of research and development with our areas of knowledge as we try to achieve the leading mark in our industry